Intel's Prototypes Show Your Dual-Screen Laptop Future

Intel doesn't make its own hardware, but it has been showing off some design concepts to partners.  And if these prototypes are any indication, we'll be seeing a lot more dual-screen laptops in the future.

One device shown to PC World this week is codenamed Tiger Rapids. It has a regular LCD display and an electronic paper display, the latter of which barely consumes any power but is meant for writing on. The hinge in the middle allows it close flat like a book, similar to the Lenovo Yoga Book.

Speaking of the Yoga Book, it's one of two dual-display devices at Computex this year. A Yoga Book 2 was announced, but there were few details about it, other than that it will have two screens. Asus also announced Project Precog, with two full-color displays.

Asus's device looks a bit more like a second, unnamed prototype that PC World saw, which has two LCD screens, including one that could be used as a keyboard. Alternatively, both can be used for separate tasks as distinct Windows 10 desktops.  

What we don't know is which other companies Intel has shared these prototypes with, but Dell has been rumored to be making a dual-screen device (albeit with an ARM processor), and Microsoft has also been thought to be working on a Surface device with two screens for a long time, though nothing has ever been shown publicly.

Image credit: Mark Hachman / IDG

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