Dell Reportedly Working on Dual-screen ARM Device

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There have been rumors for a long time that Microsoft is working on a "Surface Phone" with dual screens and LTE, but a new report from WinFuture suggests that others may be getting in on that type of device. The website suggests that Dell may be working on a two-screened device with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor running Windows 10.


The report, based on documents seen by WinFuture, suggests Dell has been working on the device, code-named "Januss," since the summer of 2017. It will apparently run on a Snapdragon 850, which is interesting because that's not a chip that Qualcomm has announced (so takes this all with a grain of salt). The report says Lenovo, Asus and HP are also working with that chip.

The report is tentative about Dell's final shape of the device, and says it could change before release. But the device apparently has a gyroscope, compass and an accelerometer, which are usually found in phones or tablets. 

Other rumors have suggested Microsoft is working on an operating system code-named "Andromeda," a version of Windows 10 that fits all types of devices. That would certainly be helpful here. 

If the report proves correct, it's possible that the future of the "always-connected PC" is even more mobile than we expected. Asus, HP and Lenovo only just launched laptops on Snapdragon 835, so it's possible a variety of forms will be available on the market soon.


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