Lenovo Readying Sequel to Weirdest Laptop Ever

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One of the most innovative, but weirdest tech products of 2016, the Lenovo Yoga Book, may be getting a second chance. 


Regulatory filings at Bluetooth SIG (originally spotted by Lilliputing) list a Yoga Book 2 Pro, which could possibly be an updated version of the device.

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We gave the original Yoga Book mixed reviews in both its Android and Windows flavors. The chassis is small and beautiful, but the Halo keyboard, without any travel, was miserable to type on. But it also doubled as a Wacom tablet with incredible accuracy.

The ambitious hybrid earned an innovation award from Tom's Guide for pushing the envelope, as it fused tablets and laptops. Lenovo never released a planned Chrome OS version of the device. 

What this filing doesn't tell us is how the Yoga Book 2 will be any different. Will Lenovo adjust the chassis, add more feedback to the keyboard, or just update to newer processors? If this is going through regulatory processes now, hopefully we'll see a new crazy device from Lenovo sometime this year.

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