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iFixit Rates Microsoft Surface Pro 1 out of 10 for Repairability

Microsoft's Surface Pro tablet just launched last week, but iFixit has already taken it apart—and the repairability verdict looks dismal indeed. If you're planning to pick up this tablet, make sure you plan on taking good care of the device. The Surface Pro is extremely difficult to open up for upgrading or repairing, earning it a paltry 1 out of 10 score for repairability.

The teardown showed that a whopping 90 screws in total had to be removed before the Surface Pro could be completely opened, and Microsoft uses lots of adhesive to hold the tablet's parts in place.The display assembly also proved very difficult to replace. The battery is removable since it's not soldered in, but you'll also find that switching out the SSD will be incredibly risky—a number of easily damaged cables near the drive could ruin the entire tablet if tampered with inattentively. 

Inside the Surface Pro, components are pretty much what you would expect. Two fans cool the Intel i5 chip that runs the show, along with Microsoft's own ventilation system. But basically, don't count on being able to purchase any old model with the idea of making some personal configurations at home with the device. Tinker with the Surface Pro at your own risk.

iFixit via Engadget