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HP Notebooks Getting Anti-Hacking Displays

There are plenty of advanced solutions for keeping files on your laptop safe, but what do you do about old-school thieves looking over your shoulder at your screen? HP is looking to provide an answer to that, with a new partnership with 3M that will allow the company's future notebooks to have visual filters that keep would-be prying eyes at bay.

HP's extra-secure displays are set to launch by mid-2016. Details on how they'll work are currently scarce, but a look at 3M's attachable screen protectors provide a good idea of what to expect. 3M offers both black and gold filters that, once applied to your display, show nothing but a solid color to those trying to peek from an angle.

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Given 3M's existing screen protectors, it's easy to imagine a lineup of HP notebooks with the same level of display filtering built-in. This seems especially ideal for those who work while traveling, or office employees who'd rather not have everyone in the workplace able to see their data.

HP noted that you'll be able to turn the screen filters on and off with a single click, allowing your display to function as normal when you're home or collaborating with others. This new display technology could serve as a useful compliment to the existing suite of security features found on HP's business notebooks, including Sure Start, which works to protect PCs from malicious attacks.