Griffin's PowerMate Goes Wireless with the PowerMate Bluetooth

The PowerMate knob has been helping users streamline everyday PC and Mac activities since 2001, and Griffin has just cut the cord on this iconic accessory. The popular peripheral has gone wireless with the PowerMate Bluetooth, which will find its way to stores this summer for $59.

The PowerMate Bluetooth has a more symmetrical design than its predecessor while retaining the device's aluminum makeup and signature blue glow at the bottom. The wireless knob can be spun and clicked like a mouse, allowing users to do everything from basic volume control to precision video editing.

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Users can pair multiple PowerMates together over Bluetooth, allowing you to assemble a mini control center for your computer. The PowerMate Bluetooth can be programmed to perform a host of PC and Mac commands, and comes optimized for GarageBand and iMovie on the latter platform.

PowerMate's dedicated community has gotten quite creative with the accessory before, crafting custom MIDI controllers and a fully-playable game of pong using a grid of connected PowerMates. We look forward to going hands on with the PowerMate Bluetooth at CES 2014, and eager to see what unique uses consumers find for the device when it enters the wild this summer.

Michael Andronico
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