Google Finally Releases Calendars App for iPad

Yesterday (Mar. 29th), almost 7 years since the release of the first iPad, Google finally released an iPad version of its Calendars app. Aside from the ability to view events as Google intended (at least without buying an Android device) this app is mostly useful for those who use Gmail.

Until now, Apple tablet owners either had to use the 2x magnification mode for the iPhone version of the app, or (more likely) sign into their Google account in Settings and use Apple's calendars app. This iPad-optimized version makes it easier to view a whole month or week at a glance, as the iPhone version is best for single-day views.

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Gmail users benefit the most from Google Calendar, as the app can automatically import events from the email service, just as Apple's apps can discover plans from iCloud accounts.

Google Calendar also supports iCloud, so you don't need to edit your events in order to view them with Google's Material Design coat of paint. To import iCloud calendars, you tap the Menu icon in the top left corner, tap the gear icon in the menu, tap Manage accounts, and turn on the switch next to iCloud.

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