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Gmail for iOS Returns to the App Store

A few weeks ago, Google published its official Gmail app for iOS on the iTunes Store. But barely an hour after it went live, a deluge of complaints from users over the "aps-environment" notification error caused the search giant to pull the app and issue a hasty apology in a tweet. Yesterday, Google once again posted a note on their official Gmail blog—where it had made the initial announcement about the app's availability—to let the public know that they had addressed the bug and put the app back up in the App Store.

The app still hasn't incorporated two highly requested features: It doesn't support multiple accounts nor does it include support for banner notifications. Though there's still hope that Google will sort this out quickly—the note on its blog post says, "We're just getting started with the Gmail app for iOS and will be iterating rapidly to bring you more features." iOS users looking for these features would be better off sticking to the stock Mail app in the iPhone and iPad.

Gmail for iOS still feels a little like the regular mobile website in an HTML5 wrapper, but the native app does add a number of conveniences. When you launch the app, a left-hand navigation panel slides out to reveal quick links to your inbox, starred and sent items, and other custom folders you've created.

via Google Mobile Blog