Samsung Is Working on a Massive New Tablet

A few years ago, Samsung took a stab at the giant tablet market with a slate called the Galaxy View. And now, it's back at it, according to a new report.

Samsung is working on a new Galaxy View 2 that would feature a whopping 17.5-inch screen, Android Police is reporting, citing sources. The tablet would be slightly smaller than the first Galaxy View, which had an 18.4-inch screen and was running on Android 5.1. That tablet cost $600, which made it a tough sell.

According to the Android Police report, the Galaxy View 2 has a more compact design than its predecessor, which weighed six pounds. It'll use USB-C for charging and instead of coming with a handle to carry it around, Samsung's new slate will feature what the site's source calls a "book-style hinge" that doubles as a stand. Using the hinge, it looks like you'll be able to position the Galaxy View 2 so you can digitally write on the screen or prop it up for watching video.

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The Galaxy View 2 — if it exists, that is — would run on Android, according to the report. It would also feature a 1080p screen and could run on Samsung's Exynos processor. It's unknown, however, which Exynos version it might run on and how much power we can expect from the tablet's processor.

By the sound of it, though, the Galaxy View 2 won't be a high-end slate. Android Police's sources said that the tablet will only come with 3GB of RAM. And although you might be able to digitally write on its screen, it won't have a built-in stylus like the S Pen. You also shouldn't expect a DeX option for you to use it as a desktop.

So, like the first Galaxy View, it appears the Galaxy View 2 will be geared more towards entertainment than productivity.

The Android Police sources didn't say when the Galaxy View 2 might launch and balked at venturing a price. It's worth noting, however, that the original Galaxy View launched in October.