G Styled: The Nook Color - Finally An eReader With Style!

This week I had a nice long look at the Nook Color and I can honestly say that I was impressed. Maybe there needs to be a little back story here. You see, since I've started doing this column for Laptop Magazine, K. T. Bradford has always been trying to show me various eReaders that come across her desk. And each one I chuck aside and state that I'm not interested. My main issue: no color.

Now before you assume that the reason I want color was because of the iPad, you must know that this just wasn't the case. My main gripe was the fact that everywhere now we are blessed with HD color, 3D color, and even IMAX HD 3D Color. So why in the world can't I get some color for an eReader? And yeah yeah, eInk does a good job of trying to copy an actual book's likeness, but I embrace tech and I want my color. I don't care if it is on a LCD screen. So, because of this, I had no love for any eReader. And then the Nook Color came.

This thing is beautiful! Not only is the Nook Color more stylish on the outside, but that color screen finally does something for me. First off is the new look. Compared to the original Nook, this one definitely has style. Seeing a product in black or graphite always outdoes one that's in all white. An all white product feels cheap and plasticity; all black it just oozes with chic appeal.

The Nook Color also has a nice rubberized back panel, and products that have rubberized parts are always cool in my book as they just feel great. There is a small hook on the bottom left side, which I'm told is to hook charms into. This is the only part or feature of the Nook Color that it could of done without.

And finally there is the screen. LCD, color, sharp, and bright. If there is any eReader that would get my blessing and I would want to put the G Style official stamp on it, the Nook Color is it. If you can bare with the LCD screen which can possibly be a little tough on the eyes after extended use, then this is the eReader you need!

Barnes and Noble Nook Color G Style Fashion Rating: Fashion Icon

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