World's Smallest Laptop AC Adapter Weighs Just 0.1 Pounds

Move over power brick; there's something leaner. Here at CES 2014, tech startup FINSix showed off its upcoming 65 watt power adapter, which weighs just .1 pounds and is about a third to a quarter the size of a typical laptop charger. Due out later this spring, the FINSix 65-watt adapter will come with connectors for all the leading brands of PC laptop, even sporting Lenovo's new flat connector. 

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The brainchild of former MIT graduate students who developed a way to process power in a much smaller space during their PHD program, the FINSix 65-watt adapter is just 2.4 cubic inches -- approximately 2 inches long, an inch wide and less than inch thick (precise measurements were not available at press time), only a little bigger than a typical phone charger.  When we placed itnext a Lenovo AC adapter, it looked like the FINSix could fit inside the regular laptop adapter three or four times. Better still, the FINSix plugs directly into the wall rather than forcing you to dangle another cable between the brick and the power socket.

Available in several attractive colors, including pink, brown and dark blue, the FINSix adapter also has a USB charging port which hangs off of its cord, allowing you to charge your phone while you power your laptop. You can even use it as a standalone phone charger when it's not connected to your laptop. 

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Considering that a typical power brick weighs half a pound and some weigh even more than that, the FINSix AC adapter could be a huge deal for frequent travelers looking to lighten their loads. After all, what good is having a lightweight pound laptop if you have to carry it around in the same bag with a heavy adapter. FINSix hasn't decided on a final MSRP, but company CEO Vanessa Green said the adapter would be in the $100 price range or slightly lower. That estimate may seem pricey when compared to universal laptop AC adapters from competitors like Targus, which charges $69.99 for its solution, which can be found for as low as $30 online. However, if you want to a breakthrough product that will make your mobile life easier, FINSix 65-watt could be well worth the cost.

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