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Evernote Business Announced, Includes Group Sharing and Phone Support

Need a backup for your brain? That's exactly what Evernote's outstanding service has been called on more than one occasion. No longer satisfied with being the backup of a bunch of singular brains, Evernote is aiming to be the note-taking network behind Borg-like collectives of minds with the launch of Evernote Business, which targets small- to mid-sized businesses.

Evernote Business will work pretty much the same way the consumer-focused Evernote does, but it will have a bunch of business-friendly features tacked on, including an administrative console and a central Notebook directory that helps you keep track of team members' various projects. Business accounts are bringing another first to Evernote: phone support, in the form of a "dedicated Customer Success Manager."

Evernote Business users will be able to connect their personal Evernote accounts to keep things simple and streamlined. There's no need to juggle multiple logins, and once you connect your personal account to Evernote Business, it automatically becomes upgraded to a Premium membership at no additional cost.

Of course, that could create potential liability and information ownership concerns, but the Evernote developers have already developed a workaround: "Any content that is placed into designated Evernote Business notebooks within user accounts is managed and owned by the business. Anything created and stored in a user’s personal Evernote account is controlled by the user.

Business accounts also have access to all the features available in Evernote Premium. The service is slated to go live in December at $10 per user per month.

Via TechCrunch and the Evernote blog