Dell XPS Laptop with 7th-Gen Core Plays Overwatch

SAN FRANCISCO — Intel gave us a quick peek at what to expect from the seventh-generation of its Core processors. And you can expect laptops capable of handling a lot of high-resolution video.

In a demo during the Intel Developer Forum keynote, CEO Brian Krzanich showed off future 2-in-1 devices capable of streaming 4k video. That's the result of a new graphics architecture in the chip that can decode 10-bit HEVC video. The CPUs will also be able to handle content creation, with the ability to edit 4K video on the fly.

The brief demo also showed off the graphics capabilities of the 7th generation Core chips, which are code-named Kaby Lake. To showcase how the CPUs can handle graphically intense games, Krzanich spent some time blasting his way through a game of Overwatch on a Dell XPS laptop with a Core i5 CPU. The laptop looked like an XPS 13, but Intel did not say the exact model or screen size on display.

Krzanich says the 7th-gen Core chips are now shipping to the company's PC partners, with new devices set to arrive in the fall.

We got a little bit of a preview of the Kaby Lake chips earlier this year, during Intel's Computex keynote. During that event, Intel's Navin Shenoy showed off a 2-in-1 reference design running on a Kaby Lake processor. Asus's Transformer 3 detachable 2-in-1 is also expected to feature one of the new CPUs.

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