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Report: HTC CEO To Resign If Delayed HTC One Is Unsuccessful

It's often said that an honorable captain always goes down with a sinking ship, and Peter Chou, CEO of HTC, has taken this to heart. According to the Wall Street Journal, Chou told senior executives in a late 2012 meeting that he would step down as the chief executive if the HTC One is not a success. With recent news that the company's new flagship phone will be delayed, these statements are putting extra pressure on the company's CEO.

First revealed in February, the HTC One was slotted for a release in the third week of March, but shortages of components, such as metal castings and camera parts, caused HTC to miss this goal. These delays could cause compound issues for the new phone, as the HTC One will now be pitted directly against the new Samsung Galaxy S4, which will be available in April.

HTC has fallen behind in the smartphone market against competitors such as Apple and Samsung. The release of the HTC One is critical to the company's success and growth in the upcoming years, and the smartphone's release delays could cause detrimental effects despite an increase in marketing efforts.

Via the Wall Street Journal