12 PC Games That Play Great with Just a Keyboard

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Whether you're gaming on the go or waiting for that fancy gaming mouse to ship, it's pretty difficult to game on just a keyboard and touchpad alone. To combat this heartbreaking situation, we've compiled a list of the best games you can play with just a keyboard.

MF-The-MessengerWe had to put some limits on certain genres, like fighting games. (Don't worry, Street Fighter will always be in my colleague Michael Andronico's heart.) But this list is still tailored to represent the best fighting games, platformers, MMORPGs and, yes, even typing games.

Credit: Devolver Digital

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  • L.J.H. Says:

    Yeah, you're not going to have a good time playing WoW without a mouse. Sure, someone has probably done it to great success, but in general you won't be any good, especially at end-game or competitive content.

  • Cody James Beasley Says:

    No mention of Oolite, it's a game that you can play with just a keyboard. It plays pretty well with just a keyboard, and if you insist on using a mouse it works with touchpads. You can also use a controller with it, though generally you still have to use the keyboard for some functions.

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