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Become 'Happier' With New iOS Social App

Looking to lift your spirits online? Happier is a new social network and iPhone app that combines a classic mood-lifting technique with the modern obsession about posting updates and earning achievements. 

Founder Nataly Kogan created Happier based on studies that showcase the mental and physical health benefits of writing down three positive things per day. The premise is simple. Make an account and share what makes you happy at any particular moment, whether it's a job promotion or simply seeing an adorable pack of puppies walking down the street. Think of it as Facebook without any of the passive aggression or political pretense. 

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Users can sign up with an existing Facebook or Twitter account and share their small moments of happiness across the two networks. Every happy update can be enhanced with a photo and added to a category such as "being grateful", "being productive," and "chilling out." Knowing that smartphone junkies love a challenge, the Happier app updates daily with a specific question for users, such as "What's your favorite way to take time for yourself and catch your breath?"

You can try out Happier for yourself on the official website or via the free iOS app