Asus ZenScreen: A Super Simple Portable 15-inch Display

Berlin -- When you're on the road, screen real estate is more precious than ever. So to help give you some extra space, Asus has created a portable 15.6-inch full HD screen that you can take wherever you want and connect to any notebook or desktop with a single cord.

Asus' ZenScreen MB16AC really couldn't be simpler. To set it up, all you need to do is connect the 1.7-pound ZenScreen to another PC via it's lone USB-C port. There's no need for a second cable since the ZenScreen's USB Type-C port can send power and data over the same cord.

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There's a couple of buttons on the bottom for power and adjusting screen settings like brightness and colors, and a folding cover in back that you can use to angle the ZenScreen in place. And if you don't feel like carrying the case around, you can also prop up the ZenScreen by simply putting something like a pen through the hole in the bottom right corner.

When I checked the ZenScreen out at IFA 2016, I was impressed by its sheer simplicity and surprisingly vivid colors. But I have to wonder that since the ZenScreen is powered by whatever it's connected to, what kind of impact it will have on the host machine's battery life. 

While we're still waiting on official U.S. pricing, with the ZenScreen going for 269 Euros overseas, it shouldn't cost too much to equip yourself with a travel-friendly second screen sometime later this year.