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ASUS X101H Super Thin Netbook Hits FCC

The market for netbooks may be dwindling, but that hasn't stopped ASUS from trying to innovate. The company just submitted the Eee PC X101H, an upcoming netbook, for FCC approval. Though the company has already announced a $200 netbook called the Eee PC X101 that will run MeeGo Linux on an 8GB SSD, the X101H is a higher-end riff on the same slim theme, running Windows with a larger storage drive and presumably a higher price tag to boot.

We can't tell much from the FCC documents, but from the photos ASUS has posted, we can see that the Eee PC X101H has an SD card, Ethernet, VGA and two USB ports. An internal shot shows that the netbook has a Seagate hard drive rather than an SSD. The enclosed documents don't even say this is a Windows system, though the Windows key on the keyboard seems to imply that.

No official release date or pricing has been announced for the ASUS Eee PC X101H so stay tuned for more details and check out the gallery below.

via Lilliputing