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ASUS Shows Off New Lamborghini Eee PC VX6S Netbook With AMD Graphics

Our friends at Netbook Live have spotted a new version of ASUS's popular Lamborghini-themed Eee PC VX6 notebook sitting under glass at the Computex Taipei show. Dubbed the ASUS Eee PC VX6S, this version promises a new Atom NM10 CPU and AMD Radeon HD 6470M graphics, as opposed to the Intel Atom D525 and Nvidia ION graphics on the prior generation VX6.

As Mike from Netbook Live notes, there is no Intel Atom NM10 CPU currently, though NM10 is the name of Intel's chipset for its Atom D510 and D410 CPUs so maybe ASUS made a mistake on its placard.

We reviewed the current shipping version of the ASUS VX6 back in October and liked its combination of sleek looks, solid graphics performance, and relatively long battery life. This new version promises even faster speeds with the same racecar aesthetic.

via Netbook Live