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ASUS Padfone X Coming to AT&T: Phone and Tablet in One Has LTE Advanced

Want an Android phone and tablet in a single device? The ASUS Padfone X could be the killer combo you've been waiting for. Coming to AT&T, the device combines a 5-inch Android KitKat handset with a 9-inch slate, both with full HD displays. The Padfone X will also support LTE Advanced, HD Voice and Isis mobile payments. 

Announced at CES 2014, the Padfone X promises a smooth transition between phone and tablet modes, auto adjusting the display so apps fill the larger screen. The device has a brushed metal frame and a soft-touch back cover, as well as dual front speakers for booming audio. 

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AT&T and ASUS haven't revealed other specs, including the CPU, RAM and storage, but the Padfone X does sport a "large" battery that charges the phone when docked, giving you double the endurance. 

Other versions of the Padfone have been sold overseas, but reviewers complained about buggy apps and a thick screen bezel. We expect ASUS has worked out many of the kinks, as the Padfone X is the third iteration of this concept.

Pricing and availability for the Padfone X will be announced at a later date, but we're glad to see a U.S. carrier give ASUS' Padfone a shot with consumers. Stay tuned for hands-on impressions.