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ASUS Reportedly Interested in a Windows 8 Padfone

ASUS may be considering developing a Windows 8 version of its Padfone device, according to the Wall Street Journal. The Padfone is essentially an amalgamation of two devices, a smartphone, which serves as the brains of the device and a tablet which passes information from the phone to a larger display.

Previous versions of the Padfone have been Android specific, but, according to The Journal, ASUS' Vice President Benson Lin could see his company working on a Windows version of the device. But, as Engadget points out, bringing Windows 8 to the Padfone will be a little more difficult for ASUS than just slapping the OS on its mutant phone/ tablet.

Windows Phone 8 is designed specifically for smaller screen devices such as ... well ... phones, while Windows 8 RT and Windows 8 Pro are designed for tablets. Because previous versions of the Padfone ran on Android, an OS that can run on either a smartphone or tablet, ASUS had no issues merging the devices for the Padfone. Doing so with Windows Phone 8 or Windows RT is an entirely different beast.

via: The Wall Street Journal, Engadget