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ASUS Jumping on Chromebook Bandwagon

ASUS is getting set to jump on the Chromebook bandwagon, even if company CEO Jerry Shen admits that consumer demand for the Chrome-powered notebooks hasn't been very high. During an earnings call held Monday morning, Shen said ASUS will launch its Chromebook in the second half of 2013, PCWorld reported.

While Chromebooks are still trying to get their footing in the marketplace, Shen said that "market momentum" could build up enough for the Chrome-powered notebooks by 2014. Shen also pointed out that the consumer market for Chromebooks is still relatively shallow, saying, "Chromebook is good, not on the consumer side, but it's good in the education and government side, and some for the commercial side."

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Shen's comments could be taken in either one of two ways. The first interpretation could point to ASUS developing a Chromebook for the education or business markets at a relatively cheap price. A different reading of his comments, however, could lead one to believe that ASUS predicts Chromebooks will come into their own in the next year or two, making them more commercial viable for the consumer market.

With its announcement, ASUS joins Samsung, Acer and HP as Windows PC makers that have or are dipping their toes into the Chromebook market. The last Chromebook to make its debut was Google's Chromebook Pixel. That notebook offered a 2560 x 1700 resolution touch screen, but lacked the battery life and app selection to justify its sky-high $1,300 pricetag. Here's hoping ASUS's first entry into the Chromebook game addresses the issues of its predecessors. 

via: PCWorld