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ASUS 2012 Tablet Roadmap Confirmed: New Transformer Prime 3G Model, Windows 8 Tablet Released This Year

Bloggers and technophiles the world over are waiting on tenterhooks for the slew of announcements and new products at CES this coming weekend, but ASUS has already broken some news of their own about their 2012 tablet line up. At a recent press event in Taipei, Vice President and General Manager of the Eee Systems Business Unit Samson Hu shed some light on the company's tablet roadmap for 2012.

First let's run through rumors we've already heard before: Anyone following Windows 8 news knows that an ARM tablet running the mobile OS is supposedly in the works, and previously, word was that this slate would be the Transformer Prime. Taipei's event brought final confirmation that ASUS would indeed be releasing a Windows 8-running ARM tablet, and that it's scheduled to arrive by the end of the year.

Even more intriguing—and fortunate for those who didn't throw down some greens for the Transformer Prime this Christmas season—the company has officially announced that the Transformer Prime would be getting a 3G variant. Addressing early adopters' user complaints of weak GPS, it'll come with a more powerful GPS module. Expect the new ASUS Transformer Prime 3G slate to be released to the public this March.

Now on to CES. At the trade show, we'll see the release of a 7-inch tablet—likely the ASUS Memo—and a 10-inch tablet with a high-resolution screen. Hu was cryptic about whether this was still the ASUS Transformer Prime, simply equipped with 3G and a better screen resolution, or if it'll be a new tablet entirely—we'll just have to wait to find out for sure in a few days. Apart from disclosing these details, he also mentioned that "two more 10-inch tablets" were on track for launch by the second half of 2012, but no other details were given.

ASUS also provided their projections for the year, stating that they expect to sell up to 6 million tablets in 2012. We'll get a better sense of how well they're managing in the upcoming months, but 2012 is certainly shaping up to be an interesting year for the PC and tablet maker.

via NetbookNews