You Can Trade In Your Old Mac for Up to $2,500

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Whether you're looking to get a new MacBook or simply trying to cut down the cost of a $5,000 iMac Pro down to something more affordable, trading in your current MacBook, MacBook AirMacBook Pro or even a PC will now get you a little more money.

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Here are the maximum trade-in values for laptops now that Apple has bumped them up. 

MacBook: Up to $1,110
MacBook Air: Up to $430
MacBook Pro: Up to $2500
PC or Chromebook: Up to $500

If you're looking to ditch your desktop, an iMac gets you up to $2,500 and an Mac Pro nets you a maximum of $1,560.

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You can find out exactly how much money you'll get for your machine by going to Apple's trade-in partner, Phobio, inserting your device's serial number and answering questions about the computer's condition.

If you have a PC, you can simply pick the model, though the company accepts on a limited number of Windows-based laptops and Chromebooks.


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