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AmazonWireless Offering Samsung Galaxy S III for $99

If you're looking for a new handset and prefer Android to Apple, a hot deal has landed on the eve of the iPhone 5's unveiling; AmazonWireless is selling 16GB versions of the Samsung Galaxy S III for just $99.99 with the purchase of an individual or family plan from Verizon, AT&T or Sprint. That's half off the regular retail price of the best Android phone on the market.

AmazonWireless offers free two-day shipping on phones, a 30 day risk-free return policy -- though that's a bit of a misnomer, as you may have to pay an early termination fee to Sprint or Verizon if you return the phone after two weeks have passed -- and a two week limited price-matching guarantee.

Samsung recently announced that the Galaxy S III shattered company sales records after moving a whopping 20 million phones in just 100 days on the market. That blistering pace is threatened by an impending patent lawsuit and the launch of the iPhone 5, however, which may be part of the reason why AmazonWireless is moving the phone for so cheap.

This excellent deal is another blow for T-Mobile, however. As of tomorrow, the nation's fourth-largest carrier will likely be the only cellular provider that isn't offering the iPhone 5 or this low-cost deal for the flagship Android phone -- though it is offering unlimited talk, text and data for $100/mo. to owners of unlocked iPhones.

The Samsung Galaxy S III is already available for $99 on the AmazonWireless website; if you're interested, you might want to move quickly, as Amazon tells us that the offer is only available "for a very limited time."