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Amazon Phone is AT&T Exclusive (Report)

The not-yet-announced smartphone from Amazon already has an exclusive carrier. According to the Wall Street Journal, AT&T will be the carrier of record for Amazon's anticipated 3D handset. The paper claims to have this knowledge from "people familiar with the plans."

AT&T and Amazon already have a relationship, as the carrier supplies wireless service to Kindle HDX tablets and Kindle Paperwhite e-readers. Some whispers speculate that the phone's wireless data plan will somehow be tied to Amazon Prime memberships. The service could let you shop, download movies, music, TV Shows and e-books without the traffic counting toward your monthly data allotment.  

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Launching June 18, Amzon's phone is expected to offer 3D-like effects and eye-tracking technology that will be tied to the navigation of the device. The phone would undoubtedly sport the same Kindle OS that's found on the Fire HDX tablets, and would be connected to Amazon Prime services.

The e-tailer recently added Prime Music to its services, which also includes Instant Video, a Kindle lending library and free 2-day shipping. Through Prime Music you can stream or download unlimited tracks through the company's Music library. Sadly, many top artists and tunes are missing from the options. 

Amazon also recently increased the number of apps in its Appstore leading up to the phone launch. At last count the store stocked 240,000 apps. That's about on a par with Windows Phone but still way behind iOS and Android.

 via Wall Street Journal