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Amazon CEO to Patent Mini Airbags to Save Your Smartphone

That unfortunate moment when your smartphone escapes your grasp and plunges toward the floor: It's certainly a problem that deserves a solution. Lucky for us, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos thinks he has the answer. The Register reports that he has filed a patent for a mini airbag system to save a free-falling smartphone.

Bezos' proposed invention utilizes a phone's accelerometer to detect when the device is in danger of a drop. To cushion the handset's fall, tiny airbags (built into the device) would be activated, and jets of gas would help slow the phone's fall. The patent application also mentions a laser rangefinder, X-rays, and radar as other possible tools for detecting when a phone is in danger.

As the patent has yet to even be granted, this phone-saving technology certainly isn't making it to stores anytime soon. Still, we certainly see a market for handset disaster prevention tech. There's only so much a case or soft-touch shell can do, after all—and airbags embedded in smartphones certainly sound intruiging.

via The Register