How to Customize the Dashboard in Mac OS X Yosemite

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Yosemite Dashboard

Mac OS X offers a dashboard to store third-party widgets. This is not new to Yosemite, but in Mavericks you only had the option to show the Dashboard as a space or not. Yosemite brings back the option to show the dashboard as an overlay on your current space. Learn how to adjust your dashboard to display the way you want it.

1. Choose “Mission Control.” in the System Preferences menu.

Mission Control Preferences

2. Change the Dashboard drop-down menu to “Off” to disable the Dashboard completely.

Turn off the Dashboard

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3. Leave the Dashboard drop-down menu in “As Space” to open it in a separate space on the far left of all your spaces.

 Dashboard as Space

4. Change it to “As Overlay” to go back to the early OS X version of the Dashboard, where the widgets appear directly over the space you're in.

dashboard as overlay

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  • jim Says:

    This article isn't completely accurate. In Mavericks, it certainly DOES appear as an overlay. In fact that's what happens when you turn off "Show Dashboard as a Space." Just press Fn+F12 or run the and voila! The article makes it sound like dashboard just disappears or something when it's not set to open as a space.

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