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Acer Unveils New Ultrabook: 15-Inch Timeline Ultra M3

It was first shown at CES in January, but Acer's Timeline Ultra M3 Ultrabook is making its official debut at CeBIT today. It's just 20mm at its thinnest point, and the M3 belongs to the latest crop of Ultrabooks that include Nvidia GeForce graphics. According to the company, the M3 is also the first 2-spindle Ultrabook, meaning it has both a hard drive and optical drive.

As with other Acer Ultrabooks, the Timeline Ultra M3 features Acer Green Instant-On for waking the system in 1.5 seconds. The company says you'll get 8 hours of battery life, thanks in part to having an SSD rather than a standard hard drive on board.

Stay tuned for hands-on photo and video.