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Acer Liquid S1 Phablet: 5.7-Inch Phone with Quad-Core and Floating Apps

It looks like Acer is jumping on the phablet bandwagon. Just ahead of this year's Computex, the company unveiled its Liquid S1 5.7-inch smartphone. The quad-core powered handset sports an HD display with 88-degree viewing angles, a front-facing camera and a multi-tasking centric version of Android which features floating applications for the phone dialer, calculator, drawing app and other key programs. 

The phone also comes with Automatic Profile, which lets users automatically change settings based on location. For example, the handset will know to activate silent mode during your daily meetings at work simply because you walked into the conference room.

Acer Cloud is also included, which automatically syncs your photos to the Internet. There's no word yet on precise specs, pricing or availability. However, if the Liquid S1 is like other Acer phones, it will not come to the U.S.