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Acer Gives 'Stark Trek'-Inspired Peek at Its Next Windows 8 Notebook

Acer is prepping to launch a new Windows 8 notebook (or notebooks) on May 3 with the release of new teaser video tied to the upcoming movie "Star Trek: Into Darkness." The video, which features more scenes from "Star Trek" than anything about the notebook, appears to show a Windows 8 notebook with a display that folds backward, giving you a tablet-like interface. Truth be told, when it's being unfolded in the video, it takes on the look of the Enterprise, which is pretty cool.

That said, consumers aren't exactly clamoring for Windows 8 notebooks. In fact, as we previously reported, the PC market saw the single biggest decline in shipments since the data started being tracked. That drop, as you may have already assumed, was largely blamed on the public's distaste for Windows 8.

Still, Acer may have some tricks up its sleeve that could make this Windows 8 notebook stand out from the market and give consumers a reason to be excited. We'll just have to wait until May 3 to find out. You can check out the video and all of its Trekkie goodness below.