Acer CEO Warns Microsoft to "Think Twice" About Surface Tablet

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The Surface tablet is a bold new move for Microsoft: more than just the company's first foray into computing hardware, it's the first time the company is competing head-to-head against its OEM partners in the retail space, peripherals excluded. Those partners are none too pleased about the move, especially the bigwigs over at Acer.

"We have (told Microsoft) to think it over," Acer CEO J.T. Wang told the Financial Times. "Think twice. It will create a huge negative impact for the ecosystem and other brands may take a negative reaction. It is not something you are good at so please think twice."

Acer's president of Global PC operations, Campbell Kan, put things even more bluntly: "If Microsoft is going to do hardware business, what should we do? Should we still rely on Microsoft, or should we find other alternatives?"

That, of course, is the question that several OEMs supposedly find themselves asking. LG announced it was getting out of the tablet business the very day the Surface was announced, while HP later pulled back from its decision to produce an ARM-based Windows RT tablet for the Windows 8 launch window, supposedly due to discontent over the Surface. Officially, neither company said Microsoft's leap into the tablet hardware waters affected their respective decisions.

For what it's worth, the founder and former head of Acer, Stan Shih, thinks the Surface is just a marketing ploy, though he hopes it's a short-lived one. "I think Microsoft's getting involved in the hardware business is designed to promote its (Windows 8 operating system)," he told the WantChina Times in July. "But I sincerely recommend they withdraw from the hardware market when they get what they want."


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  • steve Says:

    Sorry Acer etc. but its the way of the world so better get on board or be left behind. Manufacturing electronics is a commodity now that Foxcomm is now subbing out their "slaves" to robotics in a very big way. They are now loss leaders for content sales with content being more lucrative than reversed engineering of common parts. Yes Ted Kanzinzy was entirely correct yet his methods were madness but the results are clear to all. Being in leading edge tech for almost 37 years, I alone have put many thousands of folks out of work and it only gets worse as we see today by the jobs that no longer exists. The Internet revenues is what they want but advertising on the web is usually a waste of money cos nobody buys, so whats better than a cheap high powered Tablet at only $200 on your door the very next day? There is no profit in what's now common hardware anymore,with the reverse engineering only taking a matter of days/weeks.

    So yes the Chinese keep killing us with their slaves working for nothing and cannot even leave the place where they also live. Take a hard look cos China is now in trouble and will dumping their stuff very soon. Sorry, but you you young tech "liberals" and Obam are the ones trying to kill American Manufacturing and work at their Foxconns. Now they want us all to pay the bills/tax us for their bankrupt Internet schemes full of propaganda and filled with plenty of hate. Google/YouTube and other ""liberals" are censoring and scrubbing their sites for Obama so lets be very clear. Yes their ""secret meetings" over the years prove what lying, bankrupt losers they truly are. They cannot even listen to Chambers about stopping their Offshore offensive to redistribute our wealth worldwide!

    Yes its the CA "liberals" as the bankrupt future they offer as seen today!. Look at all the brain and money drain going on in their "Socialist" scams with more Americans renouncing their citizenship for socialist taxes. One look at Bloombergs NY is all one needs to know about these business killers targeting us small folks trying to just get by. I mean who wants to be stripped searched and their DNA taken for the most basic/minor offense? How stupid? remember the IRS 1099 Obama required for ALL transactions at $600 or above? No wonder CA WAS one of worlds largest economies ruined by Illegals for votes and lavish salaries/retirements you just refuse every time.

    Yes it's an indictment of "liberalism" and the "feels good" Sodom and Gomorrah crowd. Yes it was Tech that saved Clinton and where has it gone today? No, you folks are proven "humanitarian,MLK and Free Speech" frauds trying to steal everything you can. You are an old "luxury" pitching the same old crap. NObama is not investing in America so maybe go live with all the Uber Scandinavians like Fisker and others around the world.

    So thanks to the Globalist/One world idiots we are back in the dumps again!

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