A First Look at Gateway's EC38 and ID58

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gatewayleadGateway has had a number of winning laptops on its hands over the past year with its MC, MD, UC Series and its newest crop of notebooks looks to up the ante even more. We caught a glimpse of some brand new laptops from Gateway at the Acer booth here at Computex and were incredibly impressed at the stunning designs. We were drawn to the Gateway ID58 like a bee to a puddle of honey. The 15.6-inch notebook was designed with help from Italian car design firm Pininfarina. The outside lid is a coated in a glossy black and the edges of the notebook are adorned with a silver trim. That silver extends under the lid to the curved speaker grill that lines the top of the keyboard. The EC38 on display packed a Intel Core 2 Duo processor, a 500GB hard drive and Nvidia GeFore G105M graphics. Next to the ID58 was the EX38 which has a smaller 13.3-inch display but a similarly attractive design. Apparently it was modeled after a butterfly and with the system closed, the Acer representtve told us it was meant to look like a women's lips. We didn't exactly see that but it is a nice idea. The EC38 will have a Intel Core 2 Duo processor, but more impressively Gateway is promising over eight hours of battery life. No word on when these attractive and most likely affordable notebooks will be hitting the U.S. shores but in the meantime check out some pictures and videos of them in action. A Look at the Gateway EC38 [flq:83e7303798ba43f089cb7d7b9a062e61] A Look at the Gateway ID58 [flq:cf19f6bddb154ef8a487b0c8a819ef23]