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2013 Toyota Avalon: First Car with Integrated Wireless Device Charging

Charging your cell phone or tablet in the car can be annoying, what with all of the wires and cables wrapping and twisting their way around the gear shift and seat belt fastener among other things. But 2013 Toyota Avalon Limited owners can kiss that problem goodbye, thanks to the new car's built-in Qi wireless charging pad.

When a user places their Qi-compatible device on the pad, which is located in the vehicle's center console, the device will instantly start charging. Pick up the device, and it will automatically stop charging.

There are currently 34 phones on the market that use Qi wireless charging technology including the LG Nexus 4, Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC Windows Phone 8X. If your phone doesn't have built-in wireless charging, like the iPhone pictured above, you can pick up a wireless charging case.

Toyota is positioning the Avalon Limited as a technology powerhouse with its 6.1-inch touch screen, Bluetooth functionality, back-up camera, USB and iOS compatibility and more.

The Avalon also features Toyota's Entune infotainment system and smart phone interface complete with apps such as, Bing, iHeartRadio,, OpenTable and Pandora, as well as satellite traffic, weather, sports and stock information.  

The infotainment system is more or less the same one found in Lexus' vehicles, including the GS 540h we reviewed in November,which makes sense since Toyota owns Lexus. Stay tuned for our review of the Avalon Limited in the coming weeks.