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Shopping for a tablet can be a confusing experience. Do you buy the iPad, an Android competitor or a powerful Windows 8 slate? Check out our reviews of the best tablets of 2015 and our tablet buying guide to compare models and find the right slate for your needs.

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How to Replace Your Laptop with an iPad

Have you ever wanted to jet off on a business trip or head home for the weekend with just your iPad? Now you can. When it first emerged, Apple's tablet wasn't meant to be a PC replacement.

Tapose for iOS Review

We review Tapose for iOS, a app that lets you collect web clippings, maps, business cards, and images.

Spotify for iPad Hands-On: Worth the Long Wait

Trendy music darling Spotify gained devotees across Europe before finally opening its doors to users in the United States last July, and ever since then the streaming music service has only been build...

CloudOn 2.0 Adds Adobe Reader, Box Syncing, Native Email Capabilities

CloudOn, a cloud-based app that lets you get Microsoft Office on your iPad, just got a handy update today that includes a host of new features. Chief among them: Adobe Reader, the ability to sync file...

Required Pre-Reading for The Raven Movie: iPoe E-Book Explored

"The Raven", written in 1845, is by far Edgar Allen Poe's biggest hit. And we're on a knife's edge as we await the release of the new John Cusack/James McTeigue movie by the same name, set to be released April 27.

Next Issue Launches

Despite the availability of multiple magazine titles on the tablet, subscribers have met the offerings with lukewarm reception at best. It's been two years since the iPad launched, yet digital represe...

SpoonFed Mobile: Angry Birds Space, MetroPCS vs Verizon, New iPad Test Drive

The second episode of SpoonFed Mobile is on the air, bringing you the top stories in mobile tech. This week, I take Angry Birds Space for a spin and weigh in on whether small carriers like MetroPCS are a good deal.

Top 10 Gamification Apps

A gamified app turns everyday activities into a competition, either with yourself, between friends, or even among your co-workers. We've explained the trend to gamifyeverything, fromworkout go...

44 Awesome Tablet Apps for iPad, Kindle Fire, and Android

An Apple iPad or an Android tablet is literally a blank slate: chock-full of potential. All either device needs is the right apps to make it a Swiss Army knife of productivity and entertainment.

Apple introduces iPhoto App for the New iPad, Updates GarageBand and iWork

Amidst the juicy details revealed on the new iPad, Apple has taken the wraps off a brand new app to take advantage of the tablet's new Retina display: iPhoto for iPad, an app which Mac users all know ...