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Ionic Keyboard Tablet Leather Case for iPad mini Review

The Ionic Keyboard Tablet Leather Case is well designed and costs half as much as many competitors.

Watch Out, Cable: Aereo Expands Mobile TV Service

Services like Netflix and Hulu Plus paved the way for watching TV on the go, but New York-basedAereo is trying something different. The company lets you watch live broadcast TV online--without a cable subscription.

FreedomPop Announces LTE Clip, Gives iPad, Android Tablets Free LTE

Soon, the term "clip-on" may become en vogue once again. FreedomPop is slated to release the LTE Clip, which will give Android slates and iPads LTE connectivity free of charge, excluding the price of the item itself. .

More GBs: Apple to Sell 128GB iPad Starting February 5th

Apple announced today that it's doubling theavailablestorage space on the iPad with Retina Display, helping consumers who struggle with the limitations of the64GB, which served as the largest av...

Apple Blows Away iPhone and iPad Records, Mac Sales Down 16 Percent

Apple shipped a whopping 47 million iPhones during its fiscal 2013 first quarterand 22.9 million iPads. Both numbers represent a huge jump from a year ago, with Apple recording $54.5 billion in ...

NRA Debuts iOS First-Person Shooter After Blaming Violence on Video Games

Riding shotgun on its belief that video games lead to real-life violent acts like the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting, the National Rifle Association today released Practice Range, a casual first-person shooter for the iPhone and iPad. .

iPotty for iPad: Toilet Trainer With iPad Stand for When Your Little One Squats

Need a hand in making your kid a fan of the can? Here at CES 2013, we got a look at the iPotty for iPad from CTA Digital. It's essentially a potty trainer with an iPad stand built into it, with the ...

Belkin Thunderstorm iPad Speaker-Cover Hands-on: Boomin' But Bulky

The best thing about the Belkin Thunderstorm Handheld Theater is the sound. Even in a very noisy room at CES 2013, we could hear the roars of an engine in an iPad racing game over the din. This newf...

Tablet Pal Slate Stand Molds Comfortably to Your Lap

Ever wish you could get your hands on a tablet stand that you can use while lounging on the couch and watching Hulu? At this year's CES, Tablet Pal is taking the wraps off of its self-titled series of...

Windows Users Plan Exodus to Apple

Faced with quarter after quarter of sluggish sales, PC manufacturers have been pining for a savior that just hasn't materialized. This year, it's Windows 8's turn to try out the hero role, but a recent Avast survey of 135,329 U.S.