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Shopping for a tablet can be a confusing experience. Do you buy the iPad, an Android competitor or a powerful Windows 8 slate? Check out our reviews of the best tablets of 2015 and our tablet buying guide to compare models and find the right slate for your needs.

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Best Tech Gifts for College Graduation 2013

If you know a student who's graduating from college this spring, they're about to enter the "real world," which can be a scary place for the uninitiated. Equip them with the gear they need to make the...

Best Mother's Day Gadget Gifts of 2013

Mother's Day is quickly approaching, and you want to find a way to thank your mom or the mother of your children for all she does throughout the year. Whether you have a strict budget or are willing to splurge, a gadget makes the gift.

For $25 ChargeCard Charges your iPhone and Fits in Your Wallet

You know you've been there. Your iPhone starts running low on juice at about 5 p.m., but you've left your charger at home. Or you simply don't carry it with you because it adds bulk to our already pac...

Best of MWC 2013 Awards

Mobile World Congress remains the world's biggest dedicated mobile technology event, and this year's show saw more than 70,000 people converge in Barcelona to find out what's next in smartphones, ta...

Ionic Keyboard Tablet Leather Case for iPad mini Review

The Ionic Keyboard Tablet Leather Case is well designed and costs half as much as many competitors.

Kensington KeyFolio Pro 2 for iPad mini Review

The Kensington KeyFolio Pro 2 keyboard case protect the iPad mini with style and pairs it with a removable Bluetooth keyboard.

Best of CES 2013 Awards

The best mobile products at CES 2013 have much to tell us about the year ahead in tech. Based on what we've seen in Las Vegas, 2013 will see many new players enter the mobile gaming space hoping to ma...

Tablet Pal Slate Stand Molds Comfortably to Your Lap

Ever wish you could get your hands on a tablet stand that you can use while lounging on the couch and watching Hulu? At this year's CES, Tablet Pal is taking the wraps off of its self-titled series of...

Top 5 Lightning Accessories for Your iPhone 5 or New iPad

The new Lightning connector for the Apple iPhone 5, fourth-gen iPad and iPad mini has caused some controversy, but it has plenty of advantages. It's 80 percent smaller than the previous 30-pin dock connector (enabling thinner designs).

Top 10 Microsoft Surface Cases

The Surface is one of the most buzzed-about gadgets of the year. Not only is it the first tablet Microsoft has ever made, the Surface also boasts unique features like an integrated kickstand and an op...