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More than 50 percent of Facebook users follow two to five brands, according to a recent study by GetSatisfaction. To help you strategize how to make your company's Facebook presence addictive and compelling, we’ve gathered 10 of the most successful brands, based on the engagement of their audience. Then check out our 29 other tips and tricks for becoming a Facebook master.

BEST BUY (4,723,764 FANS)
The big-box retailer runs Facebook contests that require users to generate and post videos. Not only can you go shopping on Facebook, but you can ask your friends for advice. In the end, clicking Shop Now takes you to, but by using Facebook, the retailer engages customers on its own turf.
This small cosmetics company puts energy into engaging its customers. The Facebook Page lets you shop and consult your friends for advice. It requires a user to like the Page to interact with it, ensuring that the fan base will grow. Burts Bees also created some unique interactive features such as a shade picker and the ability to send friends a virtual flower (based on a lip shade).
COCA-COLA (34,170,999 FANS)
As the number 1 non-Facebook brand on the network, CocaCola is doing many things right. The company’s Page was originally started by fans, and they are still the leading generators of content on the Page. The soft drink company encourages user-generated photo submissions, which reinforces brand loyalty and is free advertising when friends of fans see the submissions go up.
DISNEY (28,416,632 FANS)
It’s no surprise that this iconically American brand is a hit on Facebook. Disney uses its status updates to remind fans of quotes from beloved movie characters. Fans can also download free desktop wallpapers and view photo galleries from their favorite animations.
DR. PEPPER (10,484,811 FANS)
The Dr. lets users submit a brand-related quote of their own to win free stuff, and in the brand Page’s TV23 area fans share their own recipes and videos, which encourages fans to integrate Dr. Pepper into their lives.
MCDONALDS (10,264,578 FANS)
It’s not just about food and drinks with McDonald’s Facebook Page. The company has created games that relate to their menu. Also on Facebook, McDonald’s fans can get coupons and search for jobs in their area.
OREO (23,000,019 FANS)
Oreo appeals to its fans' sense of nostalgia on its Page. (A Like is required to interact with content.) The Oreo Moments Face-book app asks fans to share photos, videos, and personal stories of their interactions with the brand. From those submissions the company picks a Fan of the Week.
SKITTLES (19,292,032 FANS)
To be named a Rainbro of the Week, a Facebook fan of Skittles must start by Liking the Page, then submitting their own videos and/or photos showing their love of the rainbow. For status updates Skittles also makes effective use of viral polls to keep fans engaged.
STARBUCKS (25,077,797 FANS)
Who wouldn’t want to get a free gift card for a latte at the coffee giant near you? That’s what Starbucks is banking on through its Facebook Page. Fans submit content to compete for gift cards. Users can also send a gift card to a friend right from the Page.
XBOX (11,229,368 FANS)
While Xbox may not have as many fans as Playstation (16,624,503), Microsoft offers more unique and helpful features on its Facebook Page. A Like is required to enter a contest. Fans can also get technical support and help with troubleshooting prob-lems. In addition to promoting product news, the Xbox page offers tips for using their products, such as how to train using Kinect.

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