Tablet World Series Game 4: Google Nexus 7 vs. Apple iPad Mini

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With the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 soundly beating the Amazon Kindle Fire HD in yesterday's game 3 matchup, we turn our attention to one of the most highly anticipated battles in our 2012 Tablet World Series, the iPad mini vs. Google's Nexus 7. This is the kind of fight the tech world has been waiting for. 

But before you cast your vote, take a few seconds to check out how the two tablets compare.

Apple iPad mini

Yes, the long rumored iPad mini is finally here, and it looks to be every bit the contender its big brother is. In true Apple fashion, the mini defies categorization, skirting the 7-inch standard by rocking a larger 7.9-inch display.

Despite that, the mini is lighter and thinner than both Google's Nexus 7 and Amazon's Kindle Fire HD (7-inch). The iPad mini also rocks three storage options: 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. Unlike the competition, the mini features both front-facing and rear-facing cameras and is also available with either Wi-Fi-0nly or 4G LTE connectivity options. Naturally, the mini also provides users with access to Apple's massive apps library.

The iPad mini does have some of a downside. First off it, surprisingly for an iPad, doesn't offer a Retina Display. In fact, the mini has a lower display resolution than the Barnes and Noble Nook HD, Amazon Kindle Fire HD (7-inch) and the Google Nexus 7. And the iPad mini will also cost you $130 more than each of those aforementioned devices.

Google Nexus 7

The Editors' Choice-winning Nexus 7 is Google's first officially branded tablet, and it's quite an impressive device. The Nexus 7 packs a 1.3-GHz quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor, 1GB of RAM and either 8GB of 16GB of RAM. On our performance benchmarks, the Nexus 7 repeatedly proved its mettle, scoring above average in every test we put it through.

Google also chose the Nexus 7 as the launch platform for its latest and greatest version of its mobile operating system, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, which comes complete with Google Now and a host of other system improvements. 

Of course, the Nexus 7 does leave room for improvement. Specifically, we wish the tablet offered a microSD card slot . And its lack of a rear-facing camera was more than disappointing. 

So which tablet is your favorite? Vote below and check back for the results tomorrow.

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  • Tristan Says:

    If you ever see someone taking a picture outside with an iPad, you should take it from them & smack them in the face with it. Then give it back to them.

  • Lewis Blaentine Says:

    no stylus ... not interest.

  • Derrick Says:

    that's because apples are overpriced compared to comparable brands. I'm not saying they aren't good tools, but people are paying more than they really have to for image and style. And the strange thing is that apple still gets praised by most people despite them being as greedy if not greedier than giants like wal-mart, with about the highest profit margins in the business.

  • m Says:

    the iPad out and the iPad mini down 86 to 14? the apple haters are in full force

  • Roman Says:

    hey.. I don't understand how you can compare note 10.1 to the fire HD!!! there is a 3" size difference between them. Plus! to actually say that iPad mini costs much, you have to include Samsung galaxy tab 2 (7"), which I believe doesn't cost too much less.

  • AussieAd Says:

    Just a lay persons view, but if I had a tablet, it`d be for browsing and games. I`d have my phone for photos, so lack of a camera doesn`t phase me.

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