$3,699 Razer Blade Pro Seriously Looks Like An Ultimate Gaming Laptop

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I love reviewing big hulking gaming laptops, but not so much that I can't appreciate the dimensions of something as slim as the Razer Blade Pro, which is quite slim and light for its class. Combining portability, power and innovation, the 17-inch Blade Pro has always been a favorite of mine for creative professionals and gamers alike and now it's getting a major update that gives it a slew of new features, including a mechanical keyboard and Nvidia G-Sync technology. 

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Razer recently announced that the Blade Pro will be the latest gaming laptop to jump into the virtual reality arena. In November, the Blade Pro (starting at $3,699) will be available with a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 GPU with 8GB of VRAM, which is currently the most powerful graphics card available for laptops. That means that the Blade Pro can support the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and its own OSVR headset at launch.

In addition to the souped-up graphics card, the system will also be outfitted with a 2.6-GHz Intel Core i7-6700HQ processor with 32GB of RAM. Razer is offering several storage configurations starting with a pair of 256GB M.2 PCI-e SSDs in RAID 0 configuration up to two 1TB M.2 PCI-e SSDs in RAID 0. The laptop's 17.3-inch display will be a 3840 x 2160 touch panel that supports Nvidia's G-Sync anti-tearing technology.

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Razer Blade Pro

Speaking of firsts, the Blade Pro will be the first Razer laptop to have a keyboard with mechanical switches. According to the company, each key will have true actuation and a reset point. And taking a cue from the Blade and Blade Stealth, the keyboard will feature the company's Chroma lighting.

So let's recap. Razer is creating a VR-ready monster of a gaming/creative laptop with specs rivaling what we've seen from bigger, bulkier laptops. However, the Blade Pro is retaining its 7.8 pound, 0.88-inch thick, black aluminum CNC chassis. I've got to say it's an exciting time to be a mobile PC gamer.

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  • JuanSoto Says:

    I tend to make some strong comments here from time to time. Not this time. The thing looks and feels amazing.

    @ Gabriel: The battery, self-service issue is a big downer if true for this device.

  • Gabriel Porras Says:

    The laptop is just amazing, the best... The support the WORST!!!
    If you have problems with your Razer Pro, as me that my battery get damaged, you simply can't buy the battery.
    You need to send the Razer Pro to his headquarters and wait they return again it.
    If you get a simply cable damaged the same.
    Don't buy Razer products because if you have some problem you can't buy the replacement part.
    Take care!!!!

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