12 Best Chromebook Games

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Simplicity and affordability give Google's Chromebooks a lot of appeal. However, these laptops don't have the power to run such high-end games as Metro: Last Light or Metal Gear Solid V. That's because these thin and light machines are intended to be used primarily for Web surfing. That doesn't mean Chromebooks don't have any gaming capabilities, though. The Chrome Web Store has brought a mix of mobile and original games to the Web browser, making them easily playable on a Chromebook. You have to dig through the store to find the best in a number of genres, including MMORPGs, action, puzzles and more — but we did that digging for you.

Here are the best Chromebook games, which you should try now.

Arcane Legends (Free)

Arcane Legends got its start on smartphones, but is also available in the Chrome Web Store for free. This fantasy game is a bare-bones MMORPG that lets you play online as a warrior, knight, sorcerer or rogue. When you're not busy collecting pets or fighting evil dragons and orcs, you'll be enjoying yourself customizing your character's avatar. Players agree — it currently has a 5- star user rating, based on nearly 16,000 votes.

Polycraft (Free)

In Polycraft, our hero arrives on an enigmatic island, full of mysterious Wildlings and dangerous Ferals. Our hero must help defend the Wildlings by collecting resources, exploring the island and building a series of towers to defend his home. Polycraft mixes the survival/exploration game mechanics of such games as Minecraft with tower-defense-style combat of Plants versus Zombies. The simple-yet-addictive mechanics have earned the game a 4-star rating from its users, based on nearly 1,800 reviews.

 Airmech (Free)

Did you ever want to drive a Transformer? Well, playing Airmech may be the next best thing. This real-time strategy/multiplayer online battle arena game puts players in a post-apocalyptic world where those with Airmechs (mech robots with transforming capabilities) fight for control. Players must lead their robotic armies to destroy the enemy's base. Users have rated it 4 stars on the Chrome Web Store Players, with 1,700 votes. During gameplay, you can earn Kudos to spend, or you can spend real money on diamonds, the game's premium currency.

Crimson: Steam Pirates (Free)

Sometimes, you feel a little steampunkish. Other times your inner pirate is yearning to be free.  How much fun would it be to combine the two? This is Crimson: Steam Pirates' premise. This strategy/action game lets players lead their fleet of boats and airships into turn-based combat. The visuals feels like the 19th century, the level of strategy feels complex and the game is extremely addictive. Players have given it a full 5-star rating based on more than 4,000 reviews. The game is free, though additional chapters can be purchased.

Realm of the Mad God (Free)

Realm of the Mad God is the first 2D top-down-shooter MMORPG. Players create a character from one of 14 avatars and shoot their way through dungeons, gather loot and fight to destroy the mad god, Oryx. The free game is easy to pick up and fast-paced, but has a steep learning curve if you want to become truly skilled. Nearly 2,500 users have rated it 4.5 stars. In-app purchase options include items, keys and starter packs.

Spelunky HTML5 (Free)

This remake of a console title is worth rediscovering on your Chromebook, Spelunky HTML5 is a devilish delight that has earned a 3.5-star rating on the Chrome Web Store, based on more than 1,200 reviews. As a hapless explorer working his way through treasure-filled caverns, you'll need to stay on your toes. Danger lurks around every corner, including snakes, bats and other unspeakable terrors. Featuring challenging levels and cool, 8-bit-style retro graphics, Spelunky is classic fun that works online or offline.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers (Free)

Fans of the original Kingdom Rush have flocked to its sequel, Kingdom Rush Frontiers. There are 18 towers, 11 heroes to command and more than 40 enemies and bosses to fight. The game retains everything that made fans love the original, including magic, an upgrade system providing role-playing elements, as well as its mystical setting. Three difficulty modes ensure a challenge for any player. Gamers flocked to the title, giving it a 5-star rating in the Chrome Web Store, based on 1,100 reviews.

2048 (Free)

Once you start, you won't stop playing 2048. The game is derivative of the iOS game Threes!, but has taken on an identity all its own. Players combine tiles of the same number to multiply them until they hit the titular number 2048. You may play quickly at first, but you'll soon learn that analytical thinking is the key to high scores and the elusive 2048 tile. You can play 2048 anywhere with its offline mode, so if you get addicted you never have to worry that you'll have to stop playing. It's free on the Chrome Web Store, where it has a solid 4-star rating. But that's only based on a little more than 200 user reviews.

Agar.io (Free)

Agar.io is a game of eat-or-be-eaten. Players join a world of cells that consume smaller cells, growing as they eat. But in this expansive multiplayer game, there’s always someone bigger than you, and you might be the next to go. Some players have encountered glitches, giving it a 3.5-star rating on the Chrome Web Store based on just 540 reviews. We love this game for its simple controls and massive multiplayer competition that makes a simple concept into a complex contest.

Free Rider HD (Free)

If you ever wanted to design your own game, Free Rider HD is for you. With simple drawing tools, you can create racetracks to share with your friends, or you can compete on more than 50,000 tracks drawn by players on a mountain bike or BMX bike with high-flying ragdoll physics. Chrome Web Store reviews for the free game are high, at 4.5 stars, based on 1,500 reviews.

0h h1 (Free)

This puzzle game has three simple rules that make it a mix of Sudoku and Lite 3. 0h h1’s tutorial can be mastered easily enough, but each level gets progressively more difficult. The rules involve limiting where your red and blue tiles can be placed. For example, you can't have three tiles of the same color next to each other in the same row, and any column or row must have an equal number of red and blue tiles.  Sound easy? Think again. This logic game is free, works offline and doesn't require an Internet connection to work. Players seem to love the free game, giving it 4.5 out of 5 stars, but that's based on just fewer than 200 reviews.

Entanglement ($4.99)

This puzzler is strangely relaxing. Entanglement's simple controls and calming music may put you in a state of Zen. Players lay down tiles with a number of paths on them. As you turn the tiles, different paths reveal themselves, and you want to build the longest path possible. You're soon left in a mess of crisscrosses and loop the loops, almost like you're in a Zen garden. There is still an air of challenge, though, as you play to beat your best score and to challenge your friends. It's pricier than many games on the Chrome Web Store at $4.99, but it hasn't driven anyone away, at nearly 100,000 players, 540 of which have given it a 4-star rating.

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  • errata erratum,,, Says:

    wow, this article is from 2014, that's some accomplishment since the author didn't join laptopmag.com until 2015,,,

    no, that is not the highlight of my comment here, my comment is relative to the fact this article totally lumps all chromebooks into one big sum,

    even in 2014, chromebooks (non arm based) would play droid games that were usually played on HIGH end tablets,

    the ist of games here, is so pathetic, and the article so full of errata,

    it is being added to my collection of "tech misinformation by the so called pros",,,

    i see these articles all over, that are obviously, just tossed together to give substance to a tech.com site,

    this one isn't the best fake review, but it's "misinformation" is from beginnning to bio, which is a rare highlight to the genre of fake tech journalism,,,,

    bravo, awesome fake article!!!!

  • Justin Says:

    Lol, I agree with Corey. If it's for school, then what'd you expect, and other than that you should,ve done your research. These laptops don't go for as little as $150 for no reason. Itunes don't work? Blame Apple. With an android you don't need a program at all to put music on your device. Moral is, do research before you buy.

  • Corey Says:

    i love all the 15 year olds pissing and moaning about not being able to play games, its a work computer. your school didn't but them for you to play with. ffs

  • JD rogers Says:

    I found out that airmech is only on windows it can not be playable on chromeos

  • Madison Says:

    It really does...We have it at our school and it's bull crap that they won't give us our old computers back! I'm like so pissed.

  • rosalovescandy Says:

    this computer sucks if you have it;(

  • Taniyah Brooks Says:

    i have a chrome book but it's from school

  • Taniyah Brooks Says:

    cool i guess but some of those games aren't fun to me. No offence


    hi ...I have a chrome book that I have been using for abt. 2 yrs. I recently am having trouble getting my favorite games to load properly . I have tried many options but no help. I play at the games.com site all the time & prefer it to other sites. but it just won't load properly now. any help would be so appreciated .

  • Adrian Says:

    Yeah I bought this thing cuz i was looking for a cheap laptop to use for school but the chromebook can't even download itunes much less anything for Adobe. It's pretty much a worthless device unless all you do is watch youtube and video chat but honestly i couldn't even get skype to work on this thing. The place i bought it from wouldn't take it back because it had been opened so im stuck with the thing.

  • Ravan Says:

    P.S. I officially want an Alienware laptop. XD

  • Ravan Says:

    I flipped out when I tried to download a mmorpg, and it said, "Sorry, but no." I even tried to play a simple browser game, RuneScape, it won't even load.
    These shown games on this article put shame on how advanced the gaming world is now.
    There are to be these apps on your OS Chrome to run simple games? I am officially bored of this piece of paper called a laptop.

  • Teegan Says:

    Hey why do you not have my favorite games

  • nemsisturbo Says:

    the chrome is completely bad on another level even older pc were better then this

  • anthonyninja989 Says:

    what about tanki online!?!?!?!?

  • Sackett Says:

    Try Treasure Arena its free and fun

  • Johnny Says:

    What website is polycraft being played on in that image

  • Deborah kay Says:

    Your Games looks like it belongs back in 1990's grames. l tried to play Warcraft but chrome did not except this game.Your designer need to work on their graphics, study the graphics that's on Warcraft.and you need to explain what CSRF means.

  • Anonymous Says:

    and also I'm starting the "Foxx Pack" clan on agar.io, you have to be 35 in order to get the skin son start lvling up to join

  • Anonymous Says:

    Try getting Treasure Arena from the web store, its pretty fun if you're not in to fps games then try Agar.io or Pokemon Showdown

  • moodygamertv Says:

    what about agario? well ask lenny -.-
    lenny come here :3
    yes:( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    tell these guys to put agario >:(
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°):PUT AGARIO nOW OR YOUR DEAD >:3

  • yeductjh Says:

    all of these games look like they were made back in the 1990's i mean realy bruh realy

  • 12345 Says:

    This is a really bad article i mean you have to download airmechs and its windows only this is crap

  • Tomasz Pelczar Says:

    Let me use the words, which had been, quite often, using one of the music stars from United States very close to the Mexican gulf, both cute and awesome ...

  • Derek Says:

    I made a port of Angry Birds for Chrome OS if anybody wants it.

  • Amber Says:

    These games that you provided are sucky and plus they are all BOY games.I would want to play something that is more for girls or should I for girls.This site SUCKS!!!!!

  • Chachi2014 Says:

    chromebook sucks, i should have gotten a windows or something else. kms

  • amaya Says:

    i cant get any games!!!!!! i keep looking up tricks but they dont work!!!
    it says you dont have devices!

  • Johan Says:

    There is an online 3d game named Tanki online. It does not support unity so that is a good thing.

  • batwoman Says:

    if i get a chrome book from school can i play games on it or no because my neighbor said no but batman says yes i have no idea what to do can some body tell me if your in middle school like me just im begging for somebody to tell me


    P.S. ''''BOOM'''''''

  • potato king Says:

    what boring games, even for airmech. it only took me 30 minutes to forget it, what a wasteful christmas, (Especially when I specifically asked for a PC darnit)

  • William Says:

    This is precisely why no one will buy a Chromebook. Google needs to buy or start a serious Game Studio if they want people to make the switch. In my household games drive 90% of the devices we have, and forgive me for saying this, but most of those games look like they were made for the Nintendo 64. You're not going to get people to take an OS like this seriously without some serious games for it.

  • blablabla Says:

    ummmb... this is not helpful at all

  • blablabla Says:


  • Cooler then you Says:

    This is not helpful at all there goes ten seconds of my life ill never get back...

  • Alice Says:

    I'm trying to download Smite, but it says that it doesn't support it, I tried using my flash drive, but that didn't work either, does this mean I can't download Smite at all?

  • Ashley Says:

    Y'all are terrible. There is NOTHING here I am inrested in.

  • Cristal Salinas Says:

    I want to know how to play games on this device. I have a chrome book that has some websites blocked. Is this one blocked?

  • Tahsin Says:

    Page topic is quite impressive, even to examine liked. Health in your hand and labor.
    There are quite constructive and streamlined content. Thank you.
    We look forward to many more beautiful pages.

  • joshua Says:

    your lame

  • Nhã Uyên Says:

    Very good article

  • sean k Says:

    The 4 best games for google chrome, by far and away, are the 4 spacetime studio games: Arcane Legends, Pocket Legends, Star Legends and Dark Legends. They are still, to this day, the only fully immersive, non-beta, fully 3d mmorpgs available for chrome. I have no idea why they are never mentioned in game reviews. Much better than any game you mentioned.

  • Anna Attkisson, LAPTOP Managing Editor Says:

    At the time this story went live, we believe all games were compatible. Battlefield is no longer available, and we appreciate you bringing this issue to our attention. An update will be made to this story today.

  • Snarky Voice of Reason Says:

    FYI, several of the games you have listed for the ChromeBOOK require Chrome running on a WINDOWS PC. When you access them in the Chrome Web Store from a Chromebook, they are clearly labeled NOT COMPATIBLE in a big red warning label.

    Not that I mean to tell you how to run your blog, chaps, but shouldn't people writing about Chromebooks actually USE and TEST things on an ACTUAL Chromebook?

    Don't make the ignorant assumption that Chrome browser on a Windows PC is the same thing as a Chromebook. IT IS NOT.

  • Sam Says:

    NEED FOR SPEED WORLD DOESN'T EVEN WORK ON CHROMEBOOK! It's meant for people on windows computer using the Chrome browser. The game is not compatible with Chrome OS!

  • Mike Says:

    Did the author even play, or attempt to play any of these games on a chromebook? The last two on the list aren't even playable on a chrombook.

    Battlefield - This computer not supported. Installation disabled. Plugin required.
    Need for Speed - Just a link to download a "free to play" windows game.

  • Basilio Gonzalez Says:

    Hello. Is there a way to run Battlefield Play4Free on the Chromebook? When trying to install from the ChromeStore, I get "his application is not supported on this computer. Installation has been disabled. The following problems are detected:
    NPAPI plugin is required by this app"

  • marcia Says:

    i just got a chromebook and i can't play any games that are in the chromebook store. i chose a game and i get either that it is not supported or to chose an app to open the game with. any advice?

  • Rose Says:

    Can you download injustice - god among us and Netflix or is it available at the chrome store on a Samsung Chrome book

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