Your Chromebook comes with tons of free perks — here's how to redeem them

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If you recently purchased a Chromebook (or have had one for years) and you don't know about Chromebook perks, you're missing out.

Google offers special perks to every Chromebook device, from free subscriptions and permanent game copies to significant discounts on popular apps and services. Plus, the company regularly slots in new perks, so if no perks look interesting to you right now, check back in a few months!

Some perks are reserved for new Chromebook users or Chromebook Plus devices only, but most perks are available to every Chromebook user. Regardless of your Chromebook type, here's how to redeem your perks.

How to redeem your free Chromebook perks

To redeem most Chromebook perks, you can follow these simple steps:

1. Head to the Chromebook perks page in your browser. 

chromebook perks website page

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2. Click the Get perk button next to the offer you want to redeem. If you're not on a Chromebook, a message pops up that reads: Not so fast; this perk is only for Chromebooks.

redeeming chromebook perks

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3. Read the terms and conditions for the Chromebook perk you're redeeming, and click Continue.

4. Click Allow when prompted with a message to check your device's eligibility for the perk. 

5. Follow the rest of the on-screen instructions to redeem the perk. Some perks will have a code to copy and paste into another site, while others will let you join or subscribe directly from the Chromebook perks page.

What free perks are available on your Chromebook?

There's no set schedule for Google to rotate or update available Chromebook perks, but they do change.

Asus Chromebook Plus CX34

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Right now, these are the redeemable Chromebook perks: 

  • Google One Storage: New Google One members can get 12 months of Google One for free via their Chromebook, a $23.88 value. 
  • YouTube Premium: Google is offering new users three months of YouTube Premium for free, a $41.97 value.
  • Boosteroid: Chromebook users can get one month free of Boosteroid (regularly $9.99/month), a cloud gaming service.
  • LumaFusion: Pro Video Editing: This isn't a free perk but a 25 percent discount for the LumaFusion app, a $7.49 value.
  • Adobe Photoshop: This perk is for three months free of Adobe Express Premium ($29.97), available only for Chromebook Plus devices until December 31, 2024.
  • AI Premium Plan: For new Chromebook Plus devices, users can unlock one year of Gemini Advanced for free, a $239.88 value. 

In the past, Google has offered some pretty sweet Chromebook perks, including free games like Stardew Valley, Fallout Shelter, Doom, and Doom II. If you own a Chromebook, it's worth checking the page consistently or monitoring the r/chromeos community for the best perks.

If you're redeeming any subscription-based perks, mark the date you need to cancel if you don't want your card to be charged automatically. 

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