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OLED iPad Air and mini-LED MacBook Air coming in 2022 — Apple cutting back on OLED displays

iPad Air
(Image credit: Laptop Mag)

Apple seems to be a big fan of mini-LED displays, as rumours suggest we'll be getting a new iPad Pro with mini-LED tech as soon as next month. While this may be pushed back, seeing as there's no sign of an Apple event in March, we are getting a sneak peek of what's to come next year.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims the tech giant is planning to release a mini-LED MacBook Air and OLED iPad Air by 2022, but don't expect too many other OLED displays down the line. 

According to Kuo (via 9to5Mac), while the upcoming iPad Pro will get a mini-LED display, all other iPads to to be released in the near future will use OLED, starting with the iPad Air 2022 model. OLED displays are cheaper than mini-LED panels, so Apple will stick to using OLED to keep the price down on its more affordable tablets — possibly including the iPad mini, iPad Air and original iPad.

Kuo states upcoming MacBooks won't have OLED displays due to burn-in concerns, and claims a mini-LED MacBook Air will be coming out as soon as 2022. Rumour has it, a 16-inch MacBook Pro is on the horizon, set to release sometime this summer, with reports also suggesting it will use mini-LED panels.

So, mini-LED panels seem to be taking over Apple products, and even though they provide more efficient backlighting, they are pricier, which hints an increase in prices for upcoming MacBooks and 2021 iPad Pro.