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Did Fortnite just leak the Xbox Series X and PS5 release date?

Fortnite just leaked the PS5 and Xbox Series X release date: What we know
(Image credit: Sony/Microsoft)

Epic Games might have just leaked the PS5 and Xbox Series X release date by announcing an update meant to correspond with the next-gen consoles' arrivals.

Epic posted an update on its blog stating that Batman’s archnemesis, The Joker, will arrive in Fortnite via The Last Laugh Bundle, which is slated to launch on November 17. At the end of the blog, it states that "It will also arrive in time for the release of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X next-generation consoles."

PS5 and Xbox Series X release date

This doesn't necessarily mean that both the PS5 and Xbox Series X are going to launch on November 17, but it might mean that the consoles will launch around this time.

We already know that the Xbox Series X is going to launch in November, and it's likely that the PS5 will launch within that month as well considering previous console launch dates.

Given the phrasing, it's possible that the consoles will either launch on November 17 or sometime after that. The Fortnite update technically wouldn't make it in time if the consoles launch before November 17.

That's my big brain theory, but anything is possible and plans can still always change, so take this "leak" with a chunk of skepticism.