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Chrome may soon enter desktop mode automatically on some Android tablets

Google Chrome Tablets
(Image credit: Google )

There are not many powerful Android tablets running around but, if you're one of the lucky to have one, we have some good news coming your way. Soon, you will notice that the Chrome browser will default to the desktop version. Normally, you would have to choose that option to render it on a laptop or desktop computer. 

This new feature was recently spotted by folks at XDA-Developers on the Gerrit open-source repository for the updated Chromium code that will be entering the mainstream soon. However, it is still in its infancy, so we cannot test it on Chrome as of yet. 

This new tool would make sense for those using a large table of 10 inches or larger, while smaller tablets will continue showing mobile sites. 

Along with the new desktop feature, Google Chrome is also experimenting with widths in the new tab scrolling feature. The experimental width feature is available on the Chrome 90 canary channel for developers to test out. As to how soon will we actually see these updates added to a stable version of Chrome? Your guess is as good as ours. Some great ideas make the cut, and others don't.