AndaSeat Kaiser 3 gaming chair review: The one to buy

The best gaming chair you can buy

AndaSeat Kaiser 3
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The AndaSeat Kaiser 3 is the best gaming chair you can buy — packing impressive comfort and plenty of adjustability for ergonomic perfection, alongside the nifty use of magnets that expands its usability.


  • +

    Really comfortable

  • +

    Two sizes, for height

  • +

    Vastly adjustable lumbar support and armrests

  • +

    Magnets improve setup and adjustability


  • -

    Pretty expensive starting at $499

  • -

    The racing bucket design is not for everyone

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The AndaSeat Kaiser 3 is magnetic — both literally and metaphorically. Not only is it the first gaming chair I’ve used with magnets, but you can’t help but be pulled into sitting on this comfortable throne.

In every element of this chair, you can see AndaSeat has taken past criticisms to heart to deliver something special. And while it’s not perfect, it comes damn close, making it an easy choice for a spot among the best gaming chairs

So, what does the Kaiser 3 bring to the table to deserve such high praise? And is it worth the rather lofty price tag for gamers and those looking for a decent desk chair? Let’s find out.

AndaSeat Kaiser 3 pricing and configurations

The Kaiser 3 is available in two sizes from AndaSeat: large (supporting people at heights between five and six feet) and extra large for those who are six feet and above. The smaller model is $499, while the bigger option will set you back $549 in the US, and it comes in a ton of colors across either fabric or PVC leather finishes.

For those in the UK, you can pick one up at Currys for £399. These are some steep asking prices for a gaming chair, but as my intro gives away, it is worth every penny.

AndaSeat Kaiser 3 design

AndaSeat Kaiser 3

(Image credit: Future)

Like many gaming chairs, the racing bucket seat aesthetic is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but I am a fan of the refined look and feel. 

This mashup of soft fabric for the seat and PVC leather on the back, along with the metal fixtures for the armrests and premium plastic covering the side screws, makes it look right at home in your setup — no matter how gamer-esque or professional it is.

This king-sized seat doesn't pack a space-age external frame around the back, screaming “look at me, I’m a gamer!” It’s a nice-looking option that can hang with the home office crowd just as well as the gaming community.

AndaSeat Kaiser 3

(Image credit: Future)

AndaSeat Kaiser 3 comfort

With the Kaiser 3, AndaSeat has finally cracked it. My experience with this company’s chairs in the past, including the T-Pro 2 and the Jungle 2, left me feeling  a bit like Goldilocks: one chair was too soft, while the other had a rock hard head pillow.

AndaSeat Kaiser 3

(Image credit: Future)

The AndSeat Kaiser 3 gets it just right — thanks to the two sizes making this accessible to all. The fabric that covers the chair is a lot softer than previous iterations, and the foam padding, with a 65 Kg/M3 density, is nice and squishy to park your bum on while dramatically reducing any sagging of the cushion. 

Beyond this, you’ll also find dramatic improvements to the lumbar support, with a far wider seat base for more seating positions and a 4-way adaptive lumbar system. There are two rotatable knobs that adjust the height of its internal lumbar support and how far it sticks out. 

This integrated solution is much sleeker than just an additional cushion, and it provides a far greater amount of customization. It’s a system that is reminiscent of the Boulies Master Series chair, but offers much more granular control.

AndaSeat Kaiser 3

(Image credit: Future)

The 4D armrests and 160-degree recline make this a highly customizable chair to get fitted just right for your build. Also, the steel framework makes it feel solid and premium, so expect it to last you a good long while.

Let’s talk about the head pillow. Normally, you’re stuck to one position: the top of the chair where you can strap it onto, but this is where the magnet solution really shines. The pillow has a plush quality to it while not being spongy to the point it doesn’t offer real head support. 

The magic comes with the fact that it magnetically attaches to the head of the chair. Not only that, but AndaSeat has put a line of magnets in the back, so you can perfectly align the  height of the pillow. It’s such a small innovation, but it makes a huge impact.

The Kaiser 3 has stumbled onto a greatness that will make the big boys like Omega Labs sweat a little.

AndaSeat Kaiser 3 assembly

This chair is pretty hefty at a whopping 75 pounds, so putting this thing together will require some strength or help from a partner to support some of the weight. 

But the actual assembly steps are an absolute doddle — taking me roughly 20 minutes from opening the detailed instruction manual to parking my bum on the chair. And a lot of the time saving comes down to (yep, you guessed it) magnets.

Instead of the usual 12-16 screws you have to use all over the place, the back of the chair to the base needs only8 screws after you attach the piston and tilt mechanism. The side covers are attached with magnets and there are no straps for pillows to fasten, thanks to that headrest magnet.

AndaSeat Kaiser 3

(Image credit: Future)

Plus, those magnetized armrest covers unlock an interesting market of accessories, including the option to attach a tabletop to be closer to your laptop or rest your smartphone in a better position.

AndaSeat Kaiser 3 warranty

AndaSeat’s warranty offers lifetime coverage in the U.K. for the steel framework and integral parts of the Kaiser 3, like the backrest, base, caster wheels, piston and armrests. Anything else is covered for 2-years, and it doesn’t cover against the wear and tear of fabric. 

As for the U.S., you get 2 years of coverage on all functional portions of the chair, with no coverage of aesthetic elements or the fabric.

Bottom line

AndaSeat Kaiser 3

(Image credit: Future)

AndaSeat has learnt a lot about gaming chairs over the past few years, and the Kaiser 3 really benefits from this knowledge. But through this methodical approach, the team ended up making one of the best gaming chairs you can buy.

With excellent comfort and a well-thought out design that provides a greatly increased level of functionality, this is a fantastic throne that will last you for a long time, thanks to its sturdy, premium build quality.

It may be pricey, but like any furniture, this is a long-term investment. If you can afford it, and you’re a fan of the racing bucket seat aesthetic, the AndaSeat Kaiser 3 is a force to be reckoned with.

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