AndaSeat Jungle 2 Gaming Chair review

A great gaming chair for those on the smaller side

AndaSeat Jungle 2 Gaming Chair review
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Laptop Mag Verdict

In a sea of giant gaming chairs for giant people, the AndaSeat Jungle 2 is a good option for small-to-average-size humans, which with some small tweaks, could become a must-buy for everyone.


  • +


  • +

    Real sleek looking

  • +

    Awesome ergonomic support

  • +

    Easy to put together


  • -

    Limited armrest maneuverability

  • -

    Footrest could be a little bigger

  • -

    Not great for tall people

  • -

    Only available in black

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Most gaming chairs are massive thrones for tall people, but the AndaSeat Jungle 2 hopes to address this imbalance.

I wrote about this in my AndaSeat T-Pro 2 review. Taller individuals can really make the most of the ergonomic comfort afforded to them by chairs of this calibre, but as someone on the shorter end of the scale I know first hand the pain of poorly placed cushions and feeling practically swallowed up in a giant chair. 

The problem is no longer one of style, it's one of substance, and the Jungle 2 gaming chair hopes to provide something for the oft-forgotten shorter audience with an affordable price tag and footrest.

AndaSeat Jungle 2 pricing and configurations

The AndaSeat Jungle 2 comes in just one color: Black, coming in at $299 (£249). You can pick one up directly from AndaSeat in the U.S. or U.K.

Limiting color finishes to just one may turn off some potential buyers. As a grown-up emo, I appreciate the all-black design (more on that in a second), but would it have hurt to give us different options like grey, blue or even red?

AndaSeat Jungle 2 design

The gaming chair industry seems to have moved on from garish visual flair to more subtle designs  you won’t feel embarrassed about having in your room. Not to say you can’t still buy a hideous-looking chair, but as we all start to grow up, they quickly become less appealing.

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AndaSeat’s Jungle 2 is an ideal visual metaphor for that maturity. No streaks of bright color. No ugly logos. Just a restrained, all-black mixture of PVC leather and plush linen fabric — a sleek and stylish design with no pomp or circumstance.

Frame-wise, this is still very much a racing car-esque bucket seat, but without the aesthetic excess, it pulls it off in a non-childish way. This 31-year-old gamer does not feel weird sitting in it.

AndaSeat Jungle 2 comfort

Let’s start with the specs. The AndaSeat Jungle 2 is built to support a maximum height of 5 foot 11 inches (180cm) and a maximum weight of 330 pounds (150 kilograms). The cushioning is a 55kg/m³ Re-DenseAD+ moulded foam, attached to a rigid, powder-coated steel frame, and covered by a linen fabric and fake leather that’s made using a chemically altered vinyl.

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I’ve used a couple of AndaSeat chairs in the past and have always run into a similar problem — their use of PVC leather quickly causes your back to sweat (gross, I know). This time, however, I’m not sure what they’ve done differently, but that issue has been non-existent. 

A perspiration-free experience, along with this cushioning and two perfectly-placed ergonomic cushions for someone of my height, makes for a really comfortable experience that encourages good posture and is solidly built to last you a good long while.

The 160-degree recline and the movable concave armrests gives you a decent range of customization bar one thing. Normally, AndaSeat uses 4D armrests, which can alter the distance between them, to provide differing levels of forearm support. These are not present here, so you’re stuck trying to make the best of rotating 2D armrests, to cover for it.

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Let’s talk about the retractable footrest. It’s a great addition on paper and one that I really wanted to love, but it’s just not long enough to provide a rest for your feet when sat in a normal position. This leaves your feet dangling over the end and makes you rely on your calf muscles to keep them up, which can cause aching after a while. This footrest needs to be longer, maybe with the help of telescopic retractable poles.

But allow me to emphasize that this is not a deal breaker. It’s rare to find a gaming chair that is comfortable for people who aren’t over six feet tall, and this is one of the better options out there for fulfilling that requirement.

If you are taller than this, however, I’d go for another chair. You’re going to run into some comfort and ergonomic problems fast.

AndaSeat Jungle 2 assembly

Coming in at just over 50lbs, thanks to the hefty steel frame and hydraulic piston, assembling the Jungle 2 requires some patience and strength. 

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It’s not a technically complicated build (just a few screws here and there, pop the wheels on the legs and Bob’s your uncle), but lifting and aiming the top part onto the bottom can be a pain.

All in all, it took me around 45 minutes to set up, which is the standard for something like this. One recommendation to AndaSeat, though, would be to reduce the amount of single-use plastics in their packaging. Some of the padding isn’t needed and can be replaced easily with a cardboard sleeve or two.

AndaSeat Jungle 2 warranty

AndaSeat’s warranty offers lifetime coverage in the U.K. for the steel framework and integral parts of the Jungle 2, like the backrest, base, caster wheels, piston and armrests. Anything else is covered for two years, and it doesn’t cover against the wear and tear of fabric. 

(Image credit: Laptop Mag)

As for the U.S., you get two years of coverage on all functionality portions of the chair, with no coverage of aesthetics elements and the fabric.

Bottom line

In a sea of giant gaming chairs for giant people, the AndaSeat Jungle 2 is a good option for small-to-average-size humans. The premium, stylish build looks good and feels good, and you get all of this at an affordable price point.

To get to that price, there are some cutbacks. There is less cushion than AndaSeat’s more premium options and the armrests aren’t as customizable. Plus, the footrest is not long enough to rest your feet on and the smaller size is not going to be for anyone over 5ft 11in.

But if you’re of average height or smaller, AndaSeat offers something great with the Jungle 2. This is a nicely-priced addition to any setup.

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