ViewSonic VX2250wm-LED 21-inch Monitor Review

Laptop Mag Verdict

This budget monitor delivers full HD resolution for a very low price.


  • +

    Slim profile

  • +

    Wide viewing angles

  • +

    Generous 3-year warranty


  • -

    Colors aren't as deep as other budget models

  • -

    Lighter colors are too washed out

  • -

    Lacks HDMI port

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ViewSonic's VX2250wm-LED 22-inch monitor offers a full HD resolution (1920x1080) at a low price. Although it doesn't perform as well as competing displays, the $169 street price ($279 MSRP), combined with both digital and analog inputs, makes this product an attractive option for budget-minded buyers.


The ViewSonic VX isn't as slim as the 0.55-inch Acer S243HL, but it won't hog space on your desk, either. The monitor itself is only 1.9 inches thick and the included base is just 7.5 inches deep. As the base is removable, users can also mount the ViewSonic VX on a wall or a third-party base. The monitor isn't height-adjustable, but users can tilt it in a 25-degree range vertically. The glossy, piano-black case and bezel are unfortunately prone to showing fingerprints, but the VX manages to not look cheap.

Budget monitors rarely come with a wide range of inputs, but the ViewSonic VX cuts more corners than the competition. The connectors and inputs on the back are inconveniently located under a lip, pointing downward instead of outward-facing as on the Samsung SyncMaster and Acer S Series; this makes them less easy to access. Aside from the power port and an audio input, there are only two video inputs: VGA and DVI. The lack of HDMI is surprising, especially as the monitor has a full HD resolution and is more expensive than most of the monitors in this roundup that include this connector.

Users can access the on-screen display controls (OSD) via four capacitive touch buttons on the lower right side of the bezel. The options on offer aren't as robust as those found on the Samsung and Acer models, but the monitor does have the basics: color adjust, contrast/brightness, image adjust, and manual adjustment options. We found these menus easy to navigate. From here users can also access the display's Eco Modes: Conserve and Optimize. ViewSonic claims that the Conserve option can save up to 35 percent energy consumption by lowering the brightness.

At least ViewSonic doesn't skimp on the cables. The company includes DVI as well as VGA, plus a stereo mini jack cable for connecting your notebook's audio to the monitor.

Display and Performance

The ViewSonic VX's 21.5-inch, LED-backlit matte display produced a sharp picture with decent color depth. However, compared to other budget monitors in its class, images come off as slightly washed out. Testing contrast in PassMark, we noted that the monitor showed very little difference in contrast between 80 to 100 percent brightness on every color (Blue, Green, Red, and White/Grayscale), meaning bright images are likely to look washed out. However, when viewing solid colors fading from dark to light, there was very little visible banding; thus transitions were smooth.

The VX2250wm does a good job of displaying small text, and viewing angles are very wide. Thanks to the matte display, reflections are not a problem, nor is glare from indirect sunlight nor harsh fluorescent light. Comparing this display against the ASUS ML228H and the Samsung SyncMaster B2330HD while watching a Blu-ray of Iron Man and playing Batman: Arkham Asylum, we noted that the ViewSonic's picture wasn't as bright or popping as either of these monitors. Though fast-moving scenes were smooth and error free.

The integrated speakers produced loud audio with a decent range of treble and bass. They're better than the average notebook and make a good replacement for low-end external speakers for those looking to save desk space.

Model Family and Warranty

Aside from the 22-inch model, Viewsonic offers one other option in this line: the 24-inch VX2450wm-LED (street prices from $199, $368 MSRP). ViewSonic backs the VX with a three-year warranty.


The 22-inch ViewSonic VX2250wm-LED is definitely worth a look. For $169, you get full HD resolution, digital and analog outputs, and integrated speakers. When compared to the $189, 22-inch ASUS ML228H, this monitor lags behind in image quality and features, but for consumers with a limited budget, it's hard to complain at this price.

ViewSonic VX2250wm-LED Specs

Company Website
Size20.5 x 15.9 x 1.9 inches
Weight7.5 pounds