Ferrari by Logic3 Scuderia P200 Review

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The Pros

Sleek Formula 1 racing look; Excellent audio; iPhone in-line remote included

The Cons

Doesn't block ambient noise


The Ferrari by Logic3 Scuderia P200 headphones offer excellent audio in a racy design.

Named after the car company's Formula 1 racing division, the Ferrari by Logic3 Scuderia P200 headphones look as sporty as anything you'll see on the track, and they back that up with powerful, balanced audio. But the $249 price tag might leave your tank empty. Do these headphones belong in your stable?

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Unlike the $399 Ferrari Cavallino T350 headphones, which look and feel like you're slipping into the driver's seat of a Testarossa, the Scuderia P200 headphones are meant to evoke the car company's Formula 1 heritage.

Reminiscent of the headphones worn by the pit crews, the P200's earcups have a car

Ferrari by Logic3 Scuderia P200 Design
bon fiber pattern on the outside, with a black plastic strip bordered by chrome running down the middle. Toward the top of each cup is tche iconic Ferrari logo. Connecting the cup to the headband are adjustable shiny metal arms that felt functional and durable. Our review sample had black accents, but Logic3 also sells a more ostentatious pair with Ferrari red highlights.

Ferrari by Logic3 Scuderia P200 Headband
The headband and the cups are covered in a soft leather that felt comfortable, but the P200s were more snug on our head than the T350s.

The headphones come with a plastic carrying case that has a carbon-fiber look, as well as three woven cords: one with iOS controls (volume and play/pause/Siri), one for Android devices (a single button), and one plain cord. The former two also have a built-in mic, which can be used to make phone calls, too.


Ferrari by Logic3 Scuderia P200 Side Shot
Powered by dual 50mm drivers, the P200s delivered high-quality, balanced audio across all music types.

Everything from the bass line to the high synthesizer notes in Kool and the Gang's "Summer Madness" was well-defined, and in perfect proportion to each other.

The bass in Lauryn Hill's "Doo Wop" was present, full and crisp without overwhelming her vocals or brass instruments.

We could hear every beat of Neil Peart's drums in Rush's "Spirit of Radio" and Geddy Lee's falsetto rang through clearly.

Although the P200s are over-ear headphones, they allowed a fair amount of ambient noise in. A nearby TV sounded somewhat muted, but we could still clearly hear voices.

Call quality

The mic built into the P200's cord picked up our voice, but a caller said we sounded distant. Only when we held the mic close to our face could he hear us clearly.


Ferrari by Logic3 Scuderia P200 Outro
Like the car itself, not everyone can afford $399 Ferrari T350 headphones. The $249 Ferrari by Logic3 Scuderia P200, while not cheap, offer a more reasonable compromise. While we wish the P200s were better able to block out surrounding noises, they deliver audio performance that's just as good. And that's what matters most.

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