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Xbox Series X price and release date revealed in convincing leak

Xbox Series X
(Image credit: Microsoft)

The Xbox Series S was officially confirmed by Xbox today, but the news doesn't end there. Windows Central, citing internal sources, has reportedly revealed the Xbox Series X price and release date along with the availability of the Xbox Series S.

We can anticipate the release of both consoles on November 10, with the Xbox Series X coming in at $499 and the Xbox Series S purchasable for $299 (this was already confirmed by Xbox). Microsoft will also provide Xbox All Access plans for both consoles; the Xbox Series S will be available in a $25 per month plan while the Xbox Series X has a $35 per month plan.

Xbox Series X release date and price leaked

This leak seems reliable for a few reasons. For one, Windows Central is a reputable publication and it claims the information comes from its sources. 

Additionally, Windows Central published this information before Microsoft had officially revealed the Xbox Series S. Considering that their source got the price right, it's possible they're also correct about the Xbox Series X being released at $499 on November 10.

Microsoft is probably scrambling to plan an event at this point, as they were not expecting the Xbox Series S to officially leak anytime soon. This is evident by the Series S reveal tweet, which states, "Looking forward to sharing more! Soon. Promise."

Xbox has not announced a time and date for its next event, but keep an eye on Twitter. We'll likely get news of it soon.